Adding a science stand to your event is the perfect way to encourage people to attend as well as being a great talking point for after the event! Book one of our scientists to liven up your evening with balls that flash when everyone holds hands, static sticks that make objects levitate, a plasma ball that can make a bulb light up in your guests hands and of course the Van de Graaff generator for hair raising fun and some brilliant photo opportunities!

For parties and weddings
Our science table really adds that unique touch to your wedding or birthday party. Our scientist will arrive complete with white lab coat and will be on hand to entertain your guests with our wide range of equipment (listed above). You can be sure that everyone will be talking about the time they made their hair stick up in the air, or (for your more adventurous guests) the time they managed to shock their friends! It’s all 100% safe of course and our set dressings ensure the table looks great as well!

For networking events, product launches and corporate events
The best part of having a Van de Graaff generator at your event is that everyone instantly wants to take a photo! This is a brilliant marketing opportunity and is perfect for product launches, networking events and any event where you want to increase awareness of your company and your social media pages.

Prices – £120 for the first hour, £80 for the second hour and £60 for all hours thereafter plus return mileage (45p per mile) from BA1 3BD to your location (we work this out on Google maps and always choose the lowest possible mileage). If your event finishes after 11pm we may have to add on an accomodation charge depending on your location.

We cover all of the UK so send us an email at or give us a call on 07708214840 and find out how we can add a spark to your event!