Fun Science 5 Experiments To Do In The Kitchen

The Easter hols are so far a bit grey and cold, but with the smell of hot-cross buns baking (or being brought from the shops and toasted) the kitchen is a warm and cheery place to be. Why not make the most of it this Easter with 5 of our favorite kitchen experiments!

# 1 – Cloud Dough. Not only is this a great experiment for younger kids to learn about smells, colours and textures it will help your kitchen smell heavenly!  Follow the link to find out all you need for this fun experiment

# 2 – Ice-cream in a bag. Super easy, super fun, super yummy, super fast! Make ice-cream in a Ziploc bag in as little as 5 minutes. For a healthier versions substitute the cream for fruit juice and make a sorbet! You’ve got to give this a go, you may never need to buy ice-cream again…

# 3 –  Dancing Raisins. With just 3 household items you can create a science experiment!

# 4 – Eggsperiment. Teach kids about how our teeth are affected by the drinks we consume. This experiment will definitely get them in to the habit of brushing before bed

# 5 – Erupting moon cake! If ever a reason was needed for baking a cake, do it in the name of science! Add some orange peel, cinnamon and ground cloves and you’ve got an erupting giant hot-cross bun!