Fun Science 5 Spring Time Science Activities

With Easter holidays fast approaching here is a list of some of our favorite spring time science activities to keep the kiddies entertained

# 1 – Easter Marshmallow Experiment: make some of the classic American Easter treats “Peeps” and then perform an experiment on them! See what happens when you heat them up and how heat changes the structure of sugar and water

marshmallow peeps


# 2 – Grow your own! Celebrate spring by growing some beans! In this experiment you’ll learn about how beans and other plants can germinate without soil or added nutrients. 

# 3 – Dyed flowers. Make a beautiful bunch of hand-dyed flowers to breath fresh life in to your home, while teaching kids about transpiration, the movement of water  within plants 


# 4 – Yummy colorful eggs. With the spring sun shining it’s pic-nic time! Funk up a family favorite with these edible dyed eggs 


# 5 – Eggstra-ordinary egg in a bottle experiment! This is a great little experiment for older kids, and a good way to use up any leftover eggs from the experiment above!


Have fun with these experiments, and let us know how you get on! For lots more experiments visit the Fun Science website at