Fun Science Bean In A Jar Experiment

Did you know that beans need nothing but water to germinate? Find out how beans can reproduce and grow using nothing but water and the nutrients already contained in the bean itself and grow a bean in a jar. This easy and fun Spring Time Science Experiment is great for all ages, and you could have a nice bean crop by the summer!

What you need:

A bean seed, a glass jar, piece of kitchen roll, water.


# 1 – Swirls a small amount of water around in the jar, ever so slightly moisten the kitchen roll and place it in the bottom of the jar.

# 2 – Place the bean on the damp kitchen roll and every few days add a spoonful of water, just enough to stop the bean drying out.

Easy as that! After a few days the bean will start to sprout roots. This phase is called germination. After about 10 days the bean seed should also be growing a stem, now you have a little bean plant!

How can beans germinate without added nutrients? The water encourages the dormant seed to  wake up and start germination. Because beans and other seeds contain all their DNA within the seed they have all the nutrients they need to start germinating without soil or added nutrients. Once the bean is a few weeks old however, you will need to plant it in soil or add plant food to the water. As the plant keeps growing it needs more food to help it grow and become strong and healthy, just like us!