Fun Science Egg In A Bottle Partial Vacuum Experiment

A science classic that never fails to amaze! Seemingly defy space and size with the Egg in a Bottle experiment

Egg In A Bottle

You will need: A hard boiled egg that’s been peeled, a wide-mouthed glass bottle (the mouth should not be wide enough to let the egg slip in), a lighter or matches, a strip of paper about 8 by 1 inches.

Adult supervision is required!


# 1 – Light the strip of paper and carefully drop it into the bottle. Sit the egg on the mouth of the bottle.

# 2 – Watch carefully! Once the egg has been placed on the mouth of the bottle the paper will start to extinguish, keep watching the egg and it will slide slowly and then quickly through the mouth of the bottle!

# 3 – To get the egg out put your mouth around the top of the bottle and forcefully blow air into the bottle. Be careful doing this as the egg will come back out as sharply as it went in, and you don’t want a mouthful of egg.

The sciency bit…

The burning piece of paper heats the molecules of air in the bottle and causes the molecules to move far away from each other. Some of the heated molecules actually escape out past the egg that is resting on the mouth of the bottle (that’s why the egg wiggles on top of the bottle).

When the flame goes out, the molecules of air in the bottle cool down and move closer together. This is what scientists refer to as a partial vacuum. Normally the air outside the bottle would come rushing in to fill the bottle. However, the egg is in the way! The “push” or pressure of the air molecules outside the bottle is so great that it literally pushes the egg into the bottle.

Impress your friends this Easter with this simple yet amazing science experiment!