Fun Science: Testing experiments that fizz

Did you know that there are lots of activities that you can do with your kids that involve making experiments that fizz. We have complied together our 5 favorite fizzing experiments that you can try at home. Check out the post for a range of exciting experiments.

1. Rainbow Eruptions

This is a really fun experiment that will keep kids entertained for hours. For this experiment you will need water, baking soda, small containers, squeezy bottles (ketchup bottles could be good), 5 different colours of food colouring and powdered drink flavouring (such as Kool Aid which can be purchased from ‘American’ style stores in the UK).

First of all you need to put one packet of powdered flavouring mixture into each of the small containers and cover with a heaped tsp of baking soda.

Then you need to add a different food colouring to each of the pots- why not use bright colours to try and create a rainbow.

The next step

The next step

The next step is to fill the bottles with water and squirt a little bit of water at a time into each of the pots and watch the magic happen!

Explosion of colours

Explosion of colours


Why not try using vinegar instead of water to see if the reactions change.



Adding vinegar

Adding vinegar

The Science bit:

This experiment works in the same way as our previous post vinegar volcano. Check out the post and try experimenting with different colours!





2. Ice Volcanoes

All you need for this recipe is baking soda, water, vinegar, and food coloring. The supplies you need for making ice volcanoes are small bowls, balls that will sink (such as golf balls), plastic wrap or clean film and some room in the freezer.
First off all you will need to place a ball in each of the bowls and then line each bowl with plastic wrap- so that it goes over the sides of the bowl.

Cover with plastic

Cover with plastic

Then you need to fill the bowls with a mixture of water and baking soda and add food coloring. (Make sure you pour enough of the mixture in so that it covers the ball or you’ll end up with a hole through the middle of your ice volcano).

The next step...

The next step…


Next you need to place the bowls in the freezer over night.

Once they are frozen,  let them thaw a little, pull off the plastic wrap and remove the ball. This part can be quite tricky (try using a butter knife to remove the ball).





The volcanoes are ready!

The volcanoes are ready!

You will then need to add a small amount of vinegar to the volcano and look out for the eruptions!


Cool ice volcanoes

Cool ice volcanoes













3. Fizzing colour mixing

This experiment is really fun for kids to try and will also help to teach them about primary and secondary colours. For this experiment you will need clear cups, pipettes, baking soda, vinegar and food colouring.

First of all you will need to place an equal amount of baking soda into 3 different bowls. Then add vinegar to the glass- about half way.

Next you need to colour the baking soda and vinegar. This is really easy to do as all you need to do is add a few drops of food colouring to the bowls of baking soda and cups of vinegar.


Adding the food colouring

Then you need to start experimenting. Start to mix the different colours together and see how many different colours you can make by squeezing the pippette vinegar mix into the baking soda.

Why not try using an empty egg box to explore colours and how different colours are made.




Colour mixing!

Colour mixing!

4. Fizzing fireworks

For this exciting experiment you will need vinegar, baking soda, a measuring spoon, a spray bottle, water, coffee filters, contact paper, tape and food coloring.

First of all you need to cover a table with sticky contact paper (sticky side up) and then tape it down to secure it, then place the coffee filters over the paper so that it covers all of the paper.


You will then need to fill up spray bottle with a 3/4 vinegar 1/4 water solution.


The next step is to scoop some baking soda and drop it on the coffee filter.


Then drop the food coloring onto the paper while another person starts spraying the baking soda. Watch as the colorful baking soda starts fizzing as it is hit by the vinegar solution!

Add more colors, more water, and more baking soda until your fireworks have been fizzing long enough! Let the coffee filters dry, then move them, lay out some new ones, and start again- providing hours of fun for all.

Fizzy Fireworks







5. Magic Treasure Rocks

For this experiment you will need baking soda, water, food colouring or washable water colours and small treasures.

First of all you will need to add the baking soda to a bowl.

Then add a few drops of food colouring to the baking soda.



Next you need to start to slowly add water and mix slowly.

Slowly add more water until the mixture is damp and mold-able, but not too wet.  It is easy to add too much water, so you definitely want to add it slowly.  If you do accidentally add too much water just add a touch more baking soda.
Once mixed mold the baking soda dough into balls, hiding treasures inside.
Magic rocks

Magic rocks

 Then lay the baking soda rocks out on a baking sheet or similar to dry.
Drying will take roughly 24 hours.  Once dry you can either give them right to your child, OR you can hide them outside and let your child go on a treasure hunt!