Fun Science Toothy Eggsperiments

Demonstrate to kids how food and drink affects our teeth, and the importance of brushing with this fun science activity.

You will need 5 boiled eggs, the whiter the shell the better and something that you want to put your kids off drinking! Cola, coffee,tea, red wine(?), high-sugar drinks that have a distinctive color work bets. Also do one egg in water, to encourage it’s consumption!


# 1 – Place each of the eggs in a clear plastic container. Use a drink of your choice and cover each egg with a different drink.

# 2 – Leave the eggs all day, checking on them now and again and noting down any changes. Then leave them all night!

# 3 – In the morning get the eggs out of the drink baths and lay on kitchen paper. What has happened? Observe how different drinks stain in different ways and to what extent. Get your kids to think about the differences between before they went to bed and this morning.

The egg shell is very similar to the enamel on our teeth. It can easily stain from drinks we consumer. If we don’t brush our teeth at night the drink is left to coat the tooth and stain them even deeper. Experiment brushing the eggs with toothpaste and see what affect it has? The chances are brushing will lighten the stain but long-lasting damage has been done.

So remember kids, always brush your teeth!