Heywood: Summer Holidays

Home education science sessions in SomersetJoin us for wacky, scientific fun at St. Johns Scouts 1st Heywood , Scout Hut, Manchester Road, Heywood, Lancshire, OL10 2PP in the Summer holidays. Each day is run by highly trained Fun Scientists with enhanced DBS checks and first aid training and is jam-packed with experiments, games, crafts and explosions. The club will run on from 10am – 3pm on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th August. The days are perfect for children aged 5-11.

21st August – Slime and other strange fluids – Did you know that slime is a non-Newtonian fluid? It doesn’t follow the rules that Isaac Newton said fluids should! And it can’t decide if it is a solid or a liquid! We’ll be making and playing with a range of different slimes before observing the properties of other non-Newtonian and unusual-acting substances and carrying out our own investigations.

22nd August – Baffling Bodies Come and meet the Fun Science mascot! He’s our model skeleton and he (or is it a she?) will be helping you learn all about the human body, including the more disgusting bits. You’ll get a chance to make bogies and even an edible model of blood – ewwwwh! Make sure to state if you have any food intolerances or preferences (eg veggie/vegan).

23rd August – Polymer Pandemonium – Polymers are everywhere. From polythene bags to polystyrene packing chips to baby’s nappies, we use them every day. But some of them have extremely cool and unusual properties, like turning water solid, creating snow and becoming slime! We’ll investigate a variety of polymers and find out how to use them to play some pretty cool tricks on our friends.

24th August – Crazy CO2 Old favourites like volcanoes combine with exploding sandwich bags, popping film canisters, spurting lemonade geysers and fizzy drinks making for a fizzing, popping, explodingly fun day!

25th August- Brilliant Bubbleology – Bouncing bubbles! Giant bubbles. Even fire and smoke bubbles! Can you discover the perfect bubble mix formula? Make your own bubble snake makers.

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If you have any problems booking or any questions please call 07446149750 or 07739 227096 or email westlancs@fun-science.org.uk