Sheffield: Summer Holidays

Fun Science Sheffield is back with more science fun this summer! There will be plenty of experiments to watch and do, things to make, and items to explode! Children will be supervised by highly qualified staff with enhanced DBS checks.

The club will run on 25th-27th July, 7th-9th August, and 21st-22nd August from 10am-3pm at CDYST, Coldwell Lane, Sheffield S10 5TL.
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The club will run on 25th – 27th July, 7th – 9th August and 21st-23rd August from 10am-3pm at CDYST, Coldwell Lane, Sheffield S10 5TL.

27th July – Human Body – In this gruesome and disgusting day we’ll be learning all about our bodies and the key organs that keep us alive. We’ll measure our own lung capacities, heart rates, and blind spots as well as making bionic hands, mucous and even poo!

26th July – Crazy Chemistry – We’ll be exploring the crazy world of chemistry with plenty of fun-filled experiments and activities. Children will learn about atoms, molecules, and polymers and we’ll use our new knowledge to make slime! There will also be colour-changing experiments, fizzing potions, and spectacular foaming eruptions!

27th July – Amazing Electricity and Magnets – Fun Science is back and this time it’s going to be truly electrifying. We’ll be making three kinds of magnets, experimenting with circuits and even making indoor lightning with our amazing Van de Graaff generator!

7th August – Forces and Rockets – Enjoy everything that goes bang at our fantastic rocket-powered fun day! Featuring big rockets, small rockets and a design challenge to build a rocket that can bring an egg safely back to Earth! We’ll be thinking about forces and learning all about the physics of explosions in these and many more fun experiments.

8th August – Wacky Weather – It’s time to find out all about how the weather works. We’ll make rain and lightning inside, trap tornados in a jar, play with snow in summer, and use invisible UV light to reveal secret messages!

9th August – Super Senses and Crazy Colours – Children will explore their own senses with taste, sound and smell tests and we’ll learn all about how we perceive and use colour. We’ll be making colourful and scientific things to take home and even learning to use indicator colour changes to identify acids and alkalis!

21st August – Our Wonderful World – Geology rocks! We will discover the layers of the Earth and how volcanoes work, as well as finding out about the three different kinds of rock. We’ll even explore our oceans and find out about the water cycle with a fun experiment to take home!

22nd August – Slimes and Polymers – We love nothing more than making slime! We’ll learn all about polymers and how to use them to make bouncy balls, slimes, and putties. Children will investigate different ways to make slime and will make their own colourful slime, fluffy slime and even magnetic slime!

23rd August – Ecosystems and Evolution – We love plants and animals – especially dinosaurs! During this day children will learn about ecosystems, go on a bug hunt, find out about evolution, and excavate their very own fossil to take home!

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Prices per session

First child  – £18

Siblings – £16

Block discount 

First child – £149 for all 9 sessions

Siblings – £135 for all 9 sessions


If you have any problems booking or any questions please call 01142 638550 or email