Vinegar Volcano!

Vinegar volcanoes are great to make with everyone and can easy be made at home. Why not try making your own volcano with the kids this Easter for lots of fun that will keep kids and adults entertained for hours. It is easy to make and everyone can join in the fun whilst learning about science.

This exciting experiment can be carried out at home – you may want to wait for a warm, dry sunny day as things can get very messy! First of all you will need to make the volcano. There are a number of different materials that you can use to make the volcano. Personally, I love using paper mache. This will get the kids excited as they will get to get messy so I recommend wearing old clothing or clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty.

For the volcano you will need a cereal box, paper cups, newspaper or kitchen roll, duct tape, white glue, water, paint.

First of all you will need to unfold the cereal box and use it as a base for the volcano.

Step 1

Adding newspaper and paper mache mix

Then take the small bottle, remove the lid and place in the center of the cereal box.  Crumple up a small piece of newspaper and make a base for the volcano around the bottle.  Use tape to tape down the paper.

To make the paper mache mix you will need to mix 1/2 white glue with 1/4 of water.

Continue folding and adding your paper mache mix and newspaper to the sides all around the bottle until you have a general shape of a volcano/ mountain.  make

Do not tape the paper to the bottle if at all possible.  Try taping the newspaper to the cardboard bottom instead.  The idea is that during the experiment we will be able to take out the bottle, rinse and repeat.

You will need to leave the volcano to dry for a couple of days or until the glue is dry and the volcano is ready to paint.

Let your children paint the volcano and then leave to dry.paint

Colourful volcano

Colourful volcanThe science bit:

To make the volcano erupt we will need to do a bit of science. For this you will need bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, food colouring, a funnel, a sieve and a jug.

You will need to sift the bicarbonate of soda into the volcano using the funnel. The amount you will need depends on the size of your volcano and how much mess your children want to make. The more bicarbonate of soda you add the messier it will get!

You will then need to mix the vinegar and food colouring together in the jug.

Once you have added the bicarbonate of soda you need to add the vinegar mixture. You may want to stand back for this bit as it can get explosive!

Add the vinegar

Add the vinegar



Try and experiment with different quantities of each to see what happens.

What’s happening?

The baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a base while the vinegar is an acid. When they react together they form carbonic acid which is very unstable, it instantly breaks apart into water and carbon dioxide, which creates all the fizzing as it escapes the solution.


A real volcano!

A real volcano!