Fantastic Physics

This is our most active and visual party with big machines, smoke rings, rockets and lots and lots of group party

Be amazed as our Van de Graaff generator sticks the children’s hair up on end and generates lighting indoors. Watch smoke rings fly above your head. See an alien launch up to the sky with a pop and make a human circuit. Finally we will do a giant rocket launch outside* before the children are given their own science name on a certificate to take home.

* Requires large outdoor space without cars e.g. park or playing field. If you do not have an outside space don’t worry, just let us know and we can either tether the rocket so that it doesn’t go as high or replace it with another equally mesmerising activity!

This party lasts for around 60 minutes and is recommended for children aged 5-11. The price quoted is for 20 children but extra children can be added at just £2.50 each.

“‘The other mums and I were very pleased with the Fun Science party.  We were amazed at the way that the unruly mob of youngsters were held enthralled by the science “lesson”, and certainly picked up lots of new knowledge as well as having lots of fun with their hair on end! Thanks for a fabulous afternoon, and especially for being so flexible around our time and date changes.’” – Emma, who booked a Fantastic Physics party for her daughter’s 10th party.

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