Arty Science – Festive Marbling!

We love getting creative, especially at Christmas time! Art and science combine in this festive experiment to make a brilliant, easy Christmas decoration that you can hang on the tree, or make lots to hang around the house!

You will need:festive experiment


  • Cut out your template.festive experiment
  • Half fill your bowl or tray with water.
  • Choose your colours and add a 3-4 drops of each to the water.
  • Swirl the colours round gently using the cocktail stick, be careful not to mix it too much, or the colours will merge into one. Less is more!
  • Place your template into the water and count to 5.
  • Remove the template and leave to dry!

The Science Bit:

  • Marbling inks are made from an oil based paint, because oil is less dense than water, it doesn’t mix with the water, it just sits on top.
  • The paint then sticks to whatever you put into the water!

Why not try: