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Home education science sessions in Somerset

Fun Science runs online and in-person groups for children across the UK. We and are now taking bookings for our taster session in Keynsham in July and our online courses. 

Activities are influenced by what the children want to study and past topics have included chemical reactions, space, explosions, the human body, gravity and much more.


Home education coding

Fun Science is able to provide regular or one-off beginner, intermediate and advanced coding sessions for small groups of up to 10 children, conducted virtually anywhere in the UK or in a venue of your choice up to 20 miles from Bath. We typically use the BBC Micro:bit and blockly coding which is a simple introduction to coding structures and rules, suitable for children aged 5+. We are also able to teach coding using python or javascript for coders with a little bit of previous experience. We are able to provide all the equipment needed so do get in touch if your child is interested in learning to code. We are able to help them code games, animations and more. For more information email bath@fun-science.org.uk.

New venues

If you are a home educator based up to 20 miles from Bath and you are looking for regular hands on science sessions for your child/children then we would love to hear from you! All we need is a group of at least 12 curious children and a venue (either a home or a hired hall) then we will provide everything else. We will then work with you and your children to come up with topics and activities to suit them. For more information email bath@fun-science.org.uk