5 facts about Chemical Cress15/11/2013

Today I realized I have never really introduced myself on the Fun Science blog, so in case you were wondering who ‘Chemical Cress’ really is, read below for 5 things about me. Read the rest of this entry »

The run up to Christmas!14/11/2013

Well, Christmas seems to have crept up on me yet again! Here at  Fun Science, preparations are well underway for science themed Christmas Parties and our Christmas holiday sessions. Read the rest of this entry »

Building a Mars Rover at @Bristol08/10/2013

There can’t be many people who can say that at work today they build a Mars rover! But that’s exactly what I was involved with when I volunteered for a morning at @Bristol science museum in Bristol. Admittedly the ‘rovers’ were remote controlled cars with velcro strips for attaching cameras, batteries and antennae (all plastic but all very good imitations!) but for the children they were aimed at they were perfect! 

Children first got the chance to choose what to attach to their rover. How many cameras would they need? Many initially went for one facing each way but then realized that they would need two pointing in each direction to get any kind of depth perception. Children also had to decide how to power their Rover. Nuclear generators create a lot of power but are expensive and would only last for two years, batteries can store energy but do not last long and too many would be very heavy whereas solar panels can receive energy from the sun but cannot store it. In the end most children decided upon all three! We also had to work out how to transmit any information we picked up back to Earth. Did we want to use a satellite which is very heavy but can transmit data directly to Earth or an antennae which is lighter but can only send information a short distance to a nearby satellite? There were lots of decisions to be made!

After the Rover was filled with numerous plastic models children were given the chance to build their own scoop out of Knex before driving their Rover over Mars! Ok, well it wasn’t quite Mars but a specially made cardboard surface with numerous rocks made a very good alternative. As the Rovers bumped into cones, rock samples were knocked off into the children’s scoops. It was all very clever!

The final step was to analyse the rocks. Were they smooth? If they were this could provide strong evidence that they had once been surrounded by water. Also, if they fizzed when nutrients was added to them we could determine that there may well be life forms within the rock. Children were able to complete all experiments themselves before deciding whether they thought there was life on Mars based on the evidence they had collected. The general consensus was that it is possible but further tests are needed. 

I had a brilliant time the day I went to @Bristol and I know lots of children did too! If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Mars Lab exhibit at @Bristol then make sure you get down there as soon as possible as the exhibit closes on the 14th October. Visit // to find out more. 

What we have been up to – Summer 201316/09/2013

This summer has been a whirlwind of parties, holiday events and even a graduation! Read on to find out exactly what we have been doing and how Fun Science has been contributing to the local community.

Summer community events

Fun Science tries to help out local charities and community organisations by running workshops and activities for free or at a heavily discounted price whenever possible. This summer we spent a day running sessions for 150 girls aged 11-18 at a Guiding Event in Huish Woods, Taunton, Somerset. The girls were all given the opportunity to make their own rockets, raise their hair on our Van de Graff generator and learn a little about their own bodies with spirometers, lung capacity bags and blood pressure monitors. The following quote from one of the Guides (all of whom had been working their way around various activities throughout the day) summed up exactly what we at Fun Science are always trying to achieve.

“I was looking forward to the Fun Science least of all because Science is boring but it has been my favorite thing out of the whole day!” – Guide aged 14.

Fun Science were also very lucky to receive funding to work with some of the youngters who have recently started living on the brand new Wyndham Park estate in Yeovil and so Chemical Cress came along to do a couple of outdoor science sessions including rocket launches, illusions and chemical reactions. The primary aim of this event was to give the children on the estate, many of whom have moved to England from various European countries, a chance to get to know each other and to make friends with others in a similar situation to themselves. Fun Science helped to get the children interacting with each other through a range of activities whilst also getting them excited about science – the Mentos and diet coke experiment was a big hit!

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This summer, Cressida Bullock, the owner of Fun Science and the leader of many of the company’s events, graduated from Bath Spa University with a 1st Class Honours degree in Biology. This was a very exciting day and you can see Cressida below, dressed in her graduation robes with a very big scroll!

Lots of new scientists join our team

With the increasing popularity of our holiday events it became necessary to increase the size of our team at these events. We were very happy to welcome back some familiar faces and have also taken on some new members of staff for holiday events. Pictured below are Krypton Katie, Mercury Mali, Helium Hattie and Chemical Cress after working extremely hard at our three summer fun days in Bath.

We have also been very excited to take on a new employee to cope with an ever increasing demand for Fun Science birthday parties. Our new party entertainer Hydrogen Hana has already received some fantastic feedback and, following extensive training, received the following review after her very first party!

“Could you pass on to Hana that she was very good and the children all loved it, I didn’t know at the time it was her first time, and I wouldn’t have guessed. (my husband told me later, she had told him) she was prompt, confident at talking to the children, and as my 3 year old said ‘the science lady was very friendly’ !  They all loved making the slime, getting certificates with their science names on and the experiments she did with mixing the household ‘chemicals’ . Particularly the green stuff that foamed out of the top. My son was delighted at being at the front helping, that was just what he wanted as birthday boy”

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The perfect picture!19/07/2012

science birthday party
Sometimes you just capture a picture that you can’t stop looking at – it’s just that perfect! The photo above is one of those, a photo taken by a good friend of mine Claire Soulsby (@talesfromme) at her daughter’s birthday party. It’s one of those photos that you will use over and over, and show off regularly to many long-suffering friends (and now you too!)- every business/person needs a photo like this! So here it is, a photo taken from a Fun Science Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza that captures perfectly the atmosphere of our birthday parties, a photo that is, in my opinion, a fantastic representation of how science can be fun. All photos used with parental permission of course.

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Hello and welcome to the new blog of Fun Science! From here we will be posting details of events, experiments to do at home, scientific discoveries and various things as seen through the eyes of a Fun Scientist!


But first, you may be wondering who exactly we are – Fun Science is a company based in Bath which travels to Bristol, Yeovil, Swindon, Frome etc., delivering science birthday parties, after school clubs and assemblies to local children – all in the name of Fun! It is our belief that learning through interactive demonstrations and play is the best kind of learning there is!

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