Mind-Boggling Bubbles: 3-Dimensional Bubble Wand!04/06/2019

The special tool you use to make bubbles is called a “Bubble Wand”. Bubble Wands come in all shapes and sizes but no matter what 2-dimensional shape you make your wand, the bubbles will come out round like a ball (sphere). But what if we make a 3-dimensional bubble wand? Can we make a bubble that is a different shape? Time to find out!

You will need:3D bubble wand kit

  • A washing up bowl
  • Measuring jug
  • Washing up liquid (any brand)
  • At least 4 metres of medium thickness aluminium wire (can be found in most craft or DIY stores – Hobbycraft, Wilkos etc.)
  • Pliers for cutting/bending the wire (adult supervision may be required)
  • Glycerin for bubble mixture (optional)

Method – Bubble Mixture:

  • Fill your washing up bowl with water (most washing up bowls hold around 5 litres of liquid)
  • For every 1 litre of water, add 70ml of washing up liquid.
  • Mix gently, try not to let lots of bubbles form on the surface of the mixture.
  • Optional – Once the washing up liquid has been mixed in, add 15ml of Glycerin for every litre of water (Results are best if the Glycerin-bubble mixture is left overnight)

Method – Bubble Wands:

  • Get your grown up to cut the wire into the appropriate length using the pliers
  • Bend one piece of wire into a 3-dimensional triangle (tetrahedron)
  • Bend the other piece of wire into a 3-dimensional square (cube)
  • Fun Science Tip! – Make sure your 3-dimensional bubble wands are small enough to be fully submerged in the bubble mix.
  • If you have leftover wire, try making other 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional bubbles wands.

The Experiment:

  • Submerge your tetrahedron bubble wand into the bubble mix and then take it out. You will see the bubble mixture meets in the centre of the wand, creating a strange geometric shape!

3D bubble wands

  • Now try with your cube bubble wand… The bubble mixture meets in the centre of the wand just like before, but this time there is a flat square in the middle!

  • You can try blowing a bubble into the centre of your cube bubble wand to create a smaller cube!

The Science Bit:

The bubble mixture wants to pull together tight and get as small as possible, scientists call this Surface Tension. When you blow a bubble, the bubble mixture pulls together around the air inside the bubble and the smallest shape it can pull itself into is a sphere. That’s why all 2-dimensional bubble wands make bubbles that are spheres.

When we use a 3-dimensional bubble wand and don’t let any air inside the bubble, the surface tension of the bubble mixture pulls tight into a different shape because a sphere is not the smallest shape possible.


What we have been up to – Summer 201316/09/2013

This summer has been a whirlwind of parties, holiday events and even a graduation! Read on to find out exactly what we have been doing and how Fun Science has been contributing to the local community.

Summer community events

Fun Science tries to help out local charities and community organisations by running workshops and activities for free or at a heavily discounted price whenever possible. This summer we spent a day running sessions for 150 girls aged 11-18 at a Guiding Event in Huish Woods, Taunton, Somerset. The girls were all given the opportunity to make their own rockets, raise their hair on our Van de Graff generator and learn a little about their own bodies with spirometers, lung capacity bags and blood pressure monitors. The following quote from one of the Guides (all of whom had been working their way around various activities throughout the day) summed up exactly what we at Fun Science are always trying to achieve.

“I was looking forward to the Fun Science least of all because Science is boring but it has been my favorite thing out of the whole day!” – Guide aged 14.

Fun Science were also very lucky to receive funding to work with some of the youngters who have recently started living on the brand new Wyndham Park estate in Yeovil and so Chemical Cress came along to do a couple of outdoor science sessions including rocket launches, illusions and chemical reactions. The primary aim of this event was to give the children on the estate, many of whom have moved to England from various European countries, a chance to get to know each other and to make friends with others in a similar situation to themselves. Fun Science helped to get the children interacting with each other through a range of activities whilst also getting them excited about science – the Mentos and diet coke experiment was a big hit!

Click here to find out more about our workshops.


This summer, Cressida Bullock, the owner of Fun Science and the leader of many of the company’s events, graduated from Bath Spa University with a 1st Class Honours degree in Biology. This was a very exciting day and you can see Cressida below, dressed in her graduation robes with a very big scroll!

Lots of new scientists join our team

With the increasing popularity of our holiday events it became necessary to increase the size of our team at these events. We were very happy to welcome back some familiar faces and have also taken on some new members of staff for holiday events. Pictured below are Krypton Katie, Mercury Mali, Helium Hattie and Chemical Cress after working extremely hard at our three summer fun days in Bath.

We have also been very excited to take on a new employee to cope with an ever increasing demand for Fun Science birthday parties. Our new party entertainer Hydrogen Hana has already received some fantastic feedback and, following extensive training, received the following review after her very first party!

“Could you pass on to Hana that she was very good and the children all loved it, I didn’t know at the time it was her first time, and I wouldn’t have guessed. (my husband told me later, she had told him) she was prompt, confident at talking to the children, and as my 3 year old said ‘the science lady was very friendly’ !  They all loved making the slime, getting certificates with their science names on and the experiments she did with mixing the household ‘chemicals’ . Particularly the green stuff that foamed out of the top. My son was delighted at being at the front helping, that was just what he wanted as birthday boy”

To find out more about our holiday events, birthday parties or other services please visit or email