Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza West Lancs- £140!

If you want a slightly longer party or can’t decide between slime making and hair raising, book our Chemical/Electrical Van de Graaff generatorExtravaganza!

All the best bits of our Crazy Chemical Celebration including chemistry demonstrations and slime making as well as a chance for all children to have a go at making themselves into a circuit and raising their hair on our Van de Graaff generator before receiving a certificate with their brand new science name on. In this party we move quickly between activities allowing enough time for everyone to have a go but making sure that there is no time for children to lose concentration.

This party lasts for 70 minutes and is recommended for children aged 7-11.

“Dear Chemical Cress, you were fab ! Thank you so much for making today the most stress free party ever. You were great at keeping a gang of 5 year olds mesmerised…whilst us Mums peacefully drank Pimms in the sitting room !
You were so professional, calm, turned up on time and even sorted the party bags (sea creatures growing in glasses of water as I type!) Wishing you continued huge success in your sphere and thank you again”
-A parent at a Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza for a group of 5 year olds in Bristol

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