Franchise Resales

Resales are a natural part of franchising as branch owners may have a change in lifestyle or wish to sell of part or all of their branch for a profit after working hard to build the branch up. We currently have the opportunity to purchase our Sunderland branch as a resale.

Franchise resales are lower risk than a completely new franchise as the demand has already been proven and resales often come with existing bookings in place. Because of this they do have a higher start-up cost but the monthly cost is no higher than a brand new franchise so you can quickly earn back your initial investment. All franchise resales include the benefits that new franchisees get and you can read all about this here.

Franchise resale in Sunderland

PRICE: £6995 

Covering Sunderland, Durham, Bishop Auckland, Washington and surrounding areas


Emma started this franchise in September 2018. At the time she was working part time. Emma worked hard to secure work with a local library and has built up a great reputation with them. Fun Science Sunderland continues to work with this library on a regular basis in school holidays and also runs a weekly after school club at a local school which the school are keen to continue. When full, this after school club generates a turnover of £120 per week.

Since September 2019, Fun Science Sunderland has received enquiries from 9 schools hoping to book free assemblies and after school clubs. A new franchisee taking on these after school clubs could expect to generate an additional turnover of £1080 and profit of £825 per week in term time if they were to run 5 clubs themselves and have 4 run by a member of staff. There is also scope to run holiday clubs during school holidays.

In October 2018, Emma was offered a full time job and a place on a masters programme which was unexpected. Despite hoping to continue running Fun Science, Emma has found running her branch difficult alongside her full time job and masters programme. With these additional enquiries, Emma is not able to put in the time needed to get the most from her branch so has made the desicion to sell it.

Emma says “We have had a lot of interest and comments such as “I haven’t seen anything like this within the area” and “it’s great that you can make science fun for kids!” I have enjoyed working with the children and having fun whilst teaching but there is so much more that can be done, unfortunately I don’t have the time to keep running the franchise to its capacity.  The area covered under the franchise hasn’t been fully covered by us and it would be beneficial to do more advertising within County Durham as we have had people travel to our events from these areas. We do hope someone will be willing to take on this franchise and give it the time that is needed as it’s the children who benefit from this.  Even working full time and studying part time from September to April we earned £2500 from parties and events”.

Emma has done a fantastic job building the branch up and creating a good reputation in the local area but there is much more potential to be explored. As well as the recent enquiries from schools there is additional revenue to be generated from parties, workshops, regular library events, holiday clubs and additional after school clubs.

Fun Science Sunderland has 198 likes on Facebook including 2, 5* recommendations and Sunderland pages are viewed on average 25 times per week with 87% of viewers coming from organic search engine listings but both these figures would be increased significantly with someone who had the time to make more social posts. At the moment, Emma is not doing any advertising in the local area but is still receiving regular party enquiries.

If you are interested in taking on the Sunderland branch or would like to find out more then please email