International Franchising

international franchising with fun science

In 2017 our North Yorkshire branch owner moved to Texas, USA and took her branch with her! In 2018 we started up our first branch in Switzerland – Fun Science Romandie. Following the success of these two branches we now offer franchise opportunities in the USA and mainland Europe.

Fun Science also offers master franchise opportunities to countries across the world. Fun Science has proven extremely popular in it’s parent branch based in Bath, UK and we would love to share this success with international entrepreneurs looking to start an interesting new career in their country.

If you are looking for a low cost children’s activity and party franchise which can be run up to 35 miles from your home address – our basic package is for you. For between £9,995 and £12,995 (prices vary depending on your country location) we will set you up with all the equipment, lesson plans, marketing materials and legal documents you need to start your own Fun Science branch. We will also arrange for a launch event and training to be conducted in your area so there is no need for you to travel. Maintenance fees start from £150 per month depending on country location and area size.

Fun Science franchises are flexible and enjoyable and it is completely up to you how much you choose to work.

If you have a slightly bigger budget and are looking to make a bigger profit, you can become a Fun Science master franchisee. This will give you the rights to run your own franchise as well as selling franchises across your country. For each franchise you sell you will generate a minimum profit of £2500 plus £75 per month. Master franchise fees range from £19,995 – £29,995 depending on your country size and location.