Holiday Clubs Covid-19 response

Safety is our top priority at Fun Science both for our staff and children, that is why things will run slightly differently at our holiday clubs upon resumption. These changes will remain in place during the COVID-19 outbreak. Our response will be under constant review subject to government guidelines.


Despite the new procedures we will still be running a mixture of fun experiments and we are confident that children will have just as much fun as they always do at Fun Science. We will be ensuring that children stay safe and that we conduct our holiday club in line with all government guidance whilst also making sure children feel safe, happy and well cared for.


Children will be in ‘bubbles’ of up to 15 children with 2 adults per bubble. Children will not mix with anyone from outside these bubbles. Siblings and children from the same household will be kept in the same bubble and where possible we will keep friendship groups together. Please let us know if your child would like to be in the same bubble as one or more of their friends.


Parents will be asked to drop their children off outside the venue where they will be met by a member of staff. This member of staff will then send the child inside where they will be met by another member of staff and lots of exciting science experiments! Parents and non-attending siblings will not be allowed to enter the venue except in the case of a first aid emergency. Parents should be aware that if they arrive at the same time as another household, they should wait at least 2m away from the other household until that child has been sent into the venue. You may be given a staggered time in which to drop your child off and if this is the case that will be communicated to you in advance by email.

Your children are your responsibility until they have been passed over to a member of staff and should not be left outside alone.


Parents will be asked to queue outside and a member of staff will bring your child(ren) and all their belongings out to you. Please queue at least 2m away from other parents/siblings. If you need to pick your child up early you will be given a number to call and we will send a member of staff to meet you outside with your child(ren).


Children will be asked to sanitize their hands on entry. If your child is unable to use alcohol hand sanitizer please let us know in the medical needs section of the application form and we will ask them to wash their hands with soap and water instead.


In line with government guidance, we are only allowing bookings for the full block of holiday club days. The length of the block may vary between venues and areas of the country. It is up to you whether your child attends every single day but payment must be made for all days in a block because we are unable to fill the space on a different day with a different child.


Children’s safety and wellbeing is our top priority. There will be a first aider in every bubble along with a fully stocked first aid kit. First aid will be carried out whenever it is needed.


In line with government guidance, PPE will only be worn if a child is displaying symptoms of Covid-19 and it is not possible for the member of staff sitting with them to stay at least 2m away.


As far as possible, we ask our staff will maintain a 1m+ distance from children at all times, however, the safety of children will remain our top priority and if emergency assistance is needed, we will interact with children as much as necessary. If staff show symptoms of Covid-19 they will be replaced by another member of staff. Our staff will follow hygiene procedures and will be asked to regularly sanitize their hands. As always, all staff have enhanced DBS checks.


Children will not be required to share equipment within sessions and equipment will be thoroughly washed between sessions. Where washing with hot soapy water is not suitable, equipment will be sprayed with alcohol spray of at least 70%.


The government has advised that children are not be required to social distance within their bubbles but where possible we will space children out and ensure they are sat at least 1m+ from another child (unless in their household). Children will be allowed to play outside with other children from within their bubble.


We ask that children bring a packed lunch containing food that they are able to open themselves and containing everything they need to eat their lunch (e.g. spoon, fork etc.) Children should bring a water bottle to every session. Where possible, children’s possessions should be named.


We are currently only accepting BACs transfers rather than cash payments.


If your child shows symptoms of Covid-19 they should not attend the Fun Science session. If your child begins to show symptoms of Covid-19 during the session we will call you and ask you to come and pick them up. In this case we will strongly advise that you apply for a Covid-19 test and ask that you share the results with us. Any child showing symptoms of Covid-19 will be isolated with in a ventilated area separate from other children but visible by other members of staff. We will ensure that the isolated child is happy and safe (with an activity to do) whilst they wait to be picked up.


If your child tests positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of attending a Fun Science holiday club you should let us know so that we can contact all other parents to let them know that their child has been in contact with a child with Covid-19.


As with all frequently used surfaces, toilets will be thoroughly cleaned twice a day. We will be ensuring good hygiene and reminding children to wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet.