Code Club Bulk Pack for Teachers


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This pack has been specifically designed for primary school teachers who are hoping to start a coding club at their school using the BBC Microbit. We recommend this pack for beginner coders aged 6 – 11 with younger children needing a little bit of help to complete the tasks and older children able to complete the activities on their own. Activities will start simple and get progressively more complicated as pupils get to grips with coding and there will be extension activities available too. You will need access to one computer per child (or per pair/small group) – each with a USB socket and an internet connection.

The teachers’ pack contains

  • 10 x BBC Micro:bit – a very small, simple, codeable computer which can be used to make games, simple animations and much more. It includes an accelerometer, LEDs and light sensors. Children could have one each or use these in pairs or small groups.
  • 10 x Compatible battery pack
  • 10 x USB Cable
  • 20 x AAA Batteries (2 batteries needed per Microbit)
  • 10 x Wire suitable for buzz wire game
  • 20 x Crocodile clip test leads
  • Printed teacher’s manual with easy to follow instructions for five different lesson plans – each designed to fill an hour long session/lesson. These could easily be extended to last for a few more sessions.
  • Access to video instructions which will help you and your primary school pupils get to grips with the block coding and online editor.
  • Access to help and support via our email and phone lines.



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