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Free STEM science resources for primary teachersHere at Fun Science we know how hard it can be to find free science resources and simple experiments that can be done in the classroom with primary aged children. We have collected 3 of our favourite STEM experiments and put them into one document with easy to follow instructions. These experiments are perfect for teachers to use in the classroom and each one uses things you may find lying around at home or can easily pick up in high street shops.

The three experiments are all based around chemical reactions and help to teach about states of matter, chemical changes, solids, liquids and gasses and bubbles. All are great fun and would be a fantastic addition to your science week.

Feel free to use this resource as much as you like. You are welcome to print the Fun Science Experiments at Home document and share it with parents, children and other teachers.

Click here to download our free printable resource for science teachers


For more ideas of simple STEM experiments to be done in school and at home, all aimed at primary aged children, click here to visit our blog.