Top 5 things to do with a PGCE

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A PGCE is undertaken after an undergraduate degree and gives you the skills to teach. This can be a one year full time course or two years if you decide to study the course part time. This post describes some different jobs that you can apply for once you have completed the professional qualification as well as simply becoming a teacher.

1. Teaching-

The obvious one!! Once you gain the professional qualification you are a qualified primary school teacher. After years of hard work and determination you can use your skills to teach children. This professional academic qualification is combined with your QTS (Quality Teaching Standards) allowing you to develop and understand various teaching methods. So why not try something that you enjoy and are good at. Also, longer holidays give you the opportunity to spend more time with your family.



2. Education Liaison Officer-

Are you looking for another career path or have changed your mind about teaching in schools? Then why not apply to become an Education Liaison Officer. There are some fantastic opportunities with great benefits, giving you the chance to use the skills and the qualification that you have gained by becoming part of the alternative education group. The aim of an ELO is to offer support and education to young people and families. It is important to ensure that young people enjoy and achieve at school and it will be your responsibility to ensure that they achieve and aim high. You will be working closely with the Children’s Rights Services to organize,  develop and create fun education lessons whilst also teaching what you have planned.

3. Activities Leader-

Enjoy getting creative? Want to get out of the classroom environment? Why not become an Activities Leader. This could be though after school clubs, holiday clubs or weekend activities. The role will include assisting in the day-to-day running of the extra curricular club and caring for individuals and groups- supporting additional learning and development in a fun and interactive environment. Rather than acting as a teacher you will be seen more as an entertainer as you must provide active participation such as games and group work to prevent boredom. Stimulating play, enrichment and core skills could be just what you are looking for!!!

4. Private or group tuition-

Ever thought about using your professional qualification to tutor individuals or groups? The best thing about tutoring is that it can be carried out alongside your job or full time as you have the qualification to teach. There are a range of agencies who are looking for tutors including private tutoring, special needs groups and individuals with English as their second language. Give children the chance to learn beyond the classroom and also gain the opportunity to follow your own teaching plan.

5. Run a Franchise- There are plenty of franchise opportunities available which enable you to set up your own business working with children with very little business knowledge, including the Fun Science franchise. Opening your own franchise (we already have our first successful franchise in Yorkshire) is highly rewarding as you get to work with children whilst also setting your own hours and being able to fit your job around your family. Plus, with a Fun Science franchise you will teach children in a fun and entertaining environment- they won’t even realize they are learning! Visit for more information.