Science garden visits

No contact garden visits – strict social distancing and health and safety criteria apply

Our Fun Scientist will come to your garden and delight your children from a social distance with film canisters and rockets that fly high into the air, exploding sandwich bags and lemonade fountains that spurt 10 feet high! There will also be a bubble display featuring giant bubbles and a bubble net that makes a blizzard of bubbles. We’ll even leave behind 3 of our science at home kits (worth £15+) in wipeable bags so you can have hours more science fun at home after. Maximum number 6 which must include 1 adult and consist of no more than 2 households (or whatever government guidelines allow at the time). Please get in touch to chat through the requirements to make it both safe and FUN! £45 for 30mins.

Email or call 07446 149750 for more information or to see if we cover your area.